Sunday, April 20, 2008

A preview of guests for the May 21st event!
On stage at Modern Formations Gallery at 8 p.m.

Brendan Kerr comes to Pittsburgh via Elkins, West Virginia and Brooklyn, New York. He recently completed his MFA at the University of Pittsburgh and his novel, The Uses of Talent, is currently looking for a home. Brendan plays bass with the rock band Workshop. He lives in Polish Hill and can often be found among the crowd in one local establishment or another.

Renée Alberts listens to rivers, talks to the radio, and translates the conversations into poetry, sound and collage. She learned all of this in Pittsburgh. She's been lucky to collaborate with some of the city's finest wordsmiths and musicians, and has participated in and curated many events. Her chapbook is forthcoming from Speed & Briscoe. Witness her in 1s and 0s at

With The Plat Maps
he yelled and played guitar. she sang and played violin. others joined in on the madness. alcohol was often (if not always) involved. fun was had by all.

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