Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On Wednesday, April 16 at 8:00 p.m. at Modern Formations Gallery,
The New Yinzer presents...their first installment:

Fiction: Jason Jordan is a writer from New Albany, Indiana, who always says he's from Louisville, Kentucky, because people actually know where that is. His fiction has appeared in The2ndHand, Pequin, Pindeldyboz, VerbSap, Word Riot, and many other publications. Jordan is also Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine decomP. He is currently in the MFA program at Chatham University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is working on his first novel. You can visit him at

Poetry: Scott M. Silsbe was born in Detroit. He now lives in Pittsburgh, where he sells books, writes, and makes rock music. His work has appeared in Kitchen Sink, Third Coast, good foot, and The New Yinzer. He is also an editor at The New Yinzer.

Music: Julie Sokolow
To record Something About Violins, Julie Sokolow used nothing more than her voice, an inexpensive acoustic guitar , and the built-in microphone on her Macintosh G4 Powerbook. In doing so, she has turned on its head the old adage that lo-fi is the provenance of analog fetishists. She has also created a work of great and unusual beauty.Using contrasting melodies and vocal textures, she rehashes the most painful, disappointing, and embarrassing episodes of her past. In the end Something About Violins is a portrait of an unsettled heart, isolated and caught in-between worlds.

"She pronounces "violins" like "violence," giving this lonesome, Cat Power-ish ballad a subtle sense of menace" – Washington Post

Some excellent dips and other light vittles provided by Quiet Storm!

Beer provided by Penn Brewery!