Thursday, February 18, 2010

Join us again on March 17, 2010!
Where: ModernFormations 4919 Penn Ave.
When: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 @ 8pm
Cover: $5 or a contribution to our potluck dinner

Adam Kavulic (Reader) graduated from California University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and is going back to school to get his masters in elementary education. He spends his creative time between writing and photography. His top three root beers are as follows: Appalachian Brewery Co. Root Beer, D's SixPax and Dogz 1919 Real Draft Root Beer, and Dominion Root Beer. He is an atheist and currently learning Japanese.

Terry Hawkins (Reader) was born in Uniontown, PA in 1956. He is author of the novel Rage of Achilles. Through a series of administrative errors still the subject of chagrined scrutiny, he was permitted not only to attend but graduate from Yale, where he was publisher of the Yale Daily News. The wind next blew him to Madison, Wisonsin, for law school. After practicing there for three years, he returned to New Haven, where he chases ambulances for a day job. Find out more about Terry here.

Crystal Hoffman (Reader) Crystal Hoffman's poetry is forthcoming or has in appeared in journals such as A Capella Zoo, FRiGG, Weave, Blackbox, and The World According to Goldfish. She fancies herself a revolutionary for a number of reasons, one of which is The TypewriterGirls Poetry Cabaret (, where she subverts banalities in order to create living poetic experiences. In order to eat, she teaches English Literature and Composition courses at a community college and works as a pen-wielding mercenary for organized labor. It is her dearest wish is to decrease the amount of concrete in the world.
The Skirt Tasters (Music) Rock and Roll + Poesy Slingin'

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poet Angele Ellis Celebrates the warmth of TNY Presents!

'Tho forty winters have besieged our 'Burgh,
And buried alleys that never will see a plow,
When from our frozen burrows we emerge,
We'll seek distraction--friends, the time is now!
Then being asked, where all the culture lies,
Point thy chilled fingers toward Penn Avenue--
Modern Formations will make several poets rise,
Hosting this year's premiere New Yinzer revue.
So venture forth next Wednesday, pretty please,
Ramirez, Joseph, Ellis, Elias, and Weird Paul
Will pluck your heartstrings, and calm every sneeze
Bringing the warmth of verse and song to all.
I trust to meet you there, dear yinzers new and old,
For art's our best defense against the cold.

-Angele Ellis

Please come out to this month's The New Yinzer Presents!
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 17, 8 P.M., at Modern Formations Gallery, 4919 Penn Avenue.
Performing are Adriana Ramirez, Diana Joseph, Che Elias, Angele Ellis, and musical guest Weird Paul Petroskey.

Thanks, Angele!!