Sunday, September 26, 2010

October TNY Presents...

Join us for a ghoulishly good TNY Presents on October 20th! (Indeed. We were absolutely unable to resist the alliterative reference to Halloween. We have it out of our system now, however, and we will very sincerely try not to use it again.)

Where? ModernFormations 4919 Penn Ave.
When? Wednesday, October 20 @ 8pm
Cover? $5 or a contribution to our potluck dinner

<-- Matt Bell is the author of the collection How They Were Found, from Keyhole Press. His fiction has been anthologized in Best American Mystery Stories 2010 and Best American Fantasy 2. He is also the editor of The Collagist, and can be found online at

Aaron Burch is the author of How to Predict the Weather (Keyhole Books). His stories have appeared in New York Tyrant, Barrelhouse, and Quick Fiction, among others. He is also the editor of Hobart: another literary journal. -->

Robert Isenberg is author of The Archipelago: A Balkan Passage, forthcoming from Autumn House Press. An award-winning writer and stage actor, Isenberg is a columnist for Pittsburgh Magazine and a regular theatre critic for Pittsburgh's City Paper. His many stage-plays have received enthusiastic reviews, as has his Pittsburgh Monologue Project, a stand-up performance series based on overheard conversations (co-authored with Brad Keller). He holds a dual degree in Nonfiction Writing and Medieval & Renaissance Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and has taught Playwriting at Duquesne University. Originally from Vermont, he has traveled to 31 countries on five continents. -->

<--Jennifer Meccariello Layman used to be a writer. Really - she wrote all sorts of stuff for local publications and even had a television show in development. It was for cable, but still. She also co-founded The New Yinzer. That's gotta count for something. Now she spends most of her time working at a job she really likes, being the mom to the coolest three-year-old boy you'll ever meet and fighting the good fight against all the dirt and dust her pets and husband drag into the house. This is the first piece she's written in over four years and the first reading she's given in over five. Be kind.

The Richards Family Bible is a Pittsburgh-based trio dedicated to singing songs about Sanctification, Love, and The Violent End of Love. The trio is fronted by Brother Richards, leading the three-piece on acoustic guitar; Sister Richards, second harmony and tambourine; and Brother Phil, holding down the ones and twos on the stripped-down drum-kit, as well as the third harmony. Tight vocal blending and a sincere dedication to bringing their audience songs of integrity and real old-fashioned good-times are the hallmarks of the Richards Family Bible, hallmarks that you will be able to notice as soon as Brother Richards opens his mouth to say "Hello, we're the Richards Family Bible." The Richards Family Bible: SANCTIFIED. -->

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TNY Presents is holding a Special Edition to celebrate Small Press Fest!

When? Friday, September 24th @ 7 p.m.- 9 p.m.
Beehive Coffehouse 1327 East Carson Street, Southside!
Cover? None! Free to all.

We have an excellent line-up of readers! Check them out our line-up so far:

Originally from New England, Noel Sloboda currently teaches at Penn State York and serves as dramaturg for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company. He is the author of the poetry collection Shell Games (2008) as well as two chapbooks: Stages (2010) and Of Things Passed (2010).

Micah Ling earned her MA and MFA at Indiana University. She teaches courses in writing and literature at DePauw University and Franklin College. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and dog.

Chris Bowen is administrator for the Cleveland small press, Burning River. His work has appeared in Leaf Garden, A Trunk of Delirium, and anthologized by Fast Forward Press. Previous work can be found at Hobart, Blue Print Review, New Yinzer Fiction and a slew of other journals, online or in print. Another of his stories will appear in the fall 2010 issue of The New Yinzer.

Stay tuned for additional readers!
And don't forget about our September 15th TNY Presents at Modern Formations. Details appear just below!